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Global Passive Safety Systems is formed to take the next steps by providing, on a geographical basis, reliable, readily deployable and cost effective improvements in industrial safety. As the name declares we are a Global Company that is based upon the extensive experience of its founders and believes that significant and measurable enhancements to industrial safety are achieved with deployment of “passive devices”. The essence of our mission is to increase the safety of all operations and facilities through the deployment of highly safe systems through advancements on existing technology.

The LifeGuard Safety Hose technology is designed to eliminate the consequences of the hazardous effect of a drive-away, coupling separation, hose rupture or failure during fluid or gaseous transfer operations.


A Flexible “Safety System” for use in the transfer of high pressure gases and liquids. Protect against the hazardous effects of hose rupture, pull-apart and failure. LifeGuard pigtails permit gas users to safely transfer compressed gases or liquids.

Lifeguard High Pressure and Cryogenic Hose

PTFE, Stainless Steel Braid is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, PTFE is non-porous, chemically inert and requires zero maintenance. PTFE is an FDA approved material.

Lifeguard Technologies - High Pressure PTFE Spec Sheets

All LifeGuard PTFE Acetylene Hoses are PTFE inner core, double braided compressed gas hoses and come in female NPT or BSP threads.

Lifeguard PTFE Acetylene Hoses

The LifeGuard hydrogen hose is the Safe-Choicetm. The inner hose, braid, armor casing cuffs, weld ring, and ends are all stainless steel. Each finished assembly is pneumatically tested to ensure it will withstand the application requirements.

Lifeguard Technologies - PTFE AND METAL HYDROGEN HOSES

LifeGuard Safety Hose incorporates a coated cable within the hose bore that is connected to the valve plungers, wedges or flappers. This cable acts as a compression spring providing thrust in the direction of both ends of the hose, holding the valves open. Should this thrust be eliminated due to coupling ejection, hose stretching or hose separation, the valves release and instantly seat, stopping flow in both directions.

LifeGuard Safety Hose Technology

We have been asked many different questions, some of which your company may know but much has been developed over the last several years.

Lifeguard Safety Hoses - HP Hose

For more than 25 years we have been working with Air Liquide, Linde Gas/BOC, Praxair, and others providing more than 400,000 hose assemblies worldwide seeking one objective that is constant improvement. For high pressure hoses, our cryogenic and CO2 LifeGuard Tri-Bolt Breakaway Hoses are the latest innovation in passive device safety hoses, from the inventors of the industry's first safety hose and compliant with all international regulations.

Lifeguard Safety Hoses (Future)

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