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KLAW is the global leader in the design and manufacture of Breakaway Couplings and Emergency Release Systems, Dry Break Couplers and Swivel Joints; all vital components in the safe transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

The QS is designed for demanding operating conditions and the rigours of the marine environment.

QS Marine Quick Connect and Disconnect Coupling

Designed for the demands of the marine environment,providing and identified and safe parting point within the transfer system.

Full Bore Marine Breakway Coupling

Swivel Joint

Flange Camlocks

Ship-to-Ship ERCs

Marine Breakway Couling

Emergency Release Couplings

In the event of drive-off or extreme pressure surge the Flowbreak activates and delivers 100% instantaneous closure of both upstream and downstream flow.

The coupling then separates therefore minimising risk of damage to assets such as loading arms, hoses, mountings and other parts of the transfer system.

CryoDC is the new cryogenic dry break from KLAW. The CryoDC is ideal for LNG and other cryogenic gas applications Designed to ISO 18683.Fully interchangeable to this standard.

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