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OPW Engineered Systems specializes in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of systems for the safe and efficient loading and unloading of critical hazardous materials: loading arms, swivel joints, sight slow indicators, isolation rings, quick and dry disconnect systems and safety breakaways.

Bottom loading- A frame hose loader

Bottom loading- spring balanced loader

Top loading-scissor type arm

Top Loading Vapor Recovery Systems

Custom application- custom insulation package

Custom application- steam jacketed loading arms

Custom application- pneumatic controlled loaders

System component- Swivel joints

System component- Counterbalance units

System component- mindland valve actuators

Rack Equipment - 8130 series optic rack monitors

System component- internal tank floating suction assemblies

OPW offers the most complete line of loading arm systems and loading-rack equipment for today's bulk loading and unloading requirements. Loading arm systems allow the transfer of gas or liquefied gas from one tank to another through a pipe system. When transferring gas, you will need both a bottom and top loading arm. Whether the application involves tank trucks, railcars, drums or totes, and the moving of petroleum products, liquefied gases, asphalt, solvents or hazardous/corrosive chemicals, OPW Engineered Systems is the preferred loading arm system choice worldwide.

Loading Arm Systems

OPW offers the most complete line of terminal equipment and accessories

- Loading Arms, Swivel Joints, Couplers, Terminal Electronics & Accessories

Total Terminal Solution

OPW manufactures swivel joints for a broad range of uses in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, refining, mining, distilling, brewing, ink and paint industries, as well as farm irrigation and fertilizing. Design, plant and maintenance engineers use OPW swivel joints in flexible piping systems, loading arms, hose reels, sewer rodding and wastewater treatment equipment, and various types of process machinery. They also use our swivel joints in machine tool coolant transfer, drum filling applications, and in a variety of in-plant fluid and dry bulk transfer applications.

Swivel  Joints

OPW Engineered Systems is a world-class manufacturer of quick and dry disconnect fittings designed to meet any fluid handling need. OPW is the expert in reducing the hazards involved with fluid handling for a multitude of industries with products used worldwide in a broad range of applications. A complete line of connections are available, including the Kamlok® and Autolok® quick disconnects, and for connections that require a dry disconnect, Kamvalok®, Drylok™ and Epsilon®, all suitable for an extensive range of hazardous liquid applications. For extreme pressure and temperature sealing applications, the Hiltap™ brand offers innovative, high-performance couplings and connectors.

Quick & Dry Disconnects

OPW offers products that monitor, sense and reveal the fluids in your operation. Whether you’re monitoring petroleum products, liquefied gases, solvents, or hazardous, corrosive chemicals, OPW’s collection of Process Products help keep your fluids under control

Process Products

OPW Engineered Systems supplies a complete line of Civacon brand rack monitors used in loading and unloading operations. The monitors can detect the type of sensor in the transport, the state of liquid in the tank, an overfill situation, and/or verify the grounding condition.

Terminal Electronic Equipment

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