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Titan Industries, Inc. was the first company in the world to engineer and market several innovative and patented technologies. Titan is recognized as the world leader in developing new technologies to address the equipment needs of the various industries served. Titan provides chemical additive equipment, wireless data acquisition, metering, and delivery solutions to the world.

The Titan Monoblock is designed for use with PLC's Electronic Presets, TAS systems, or smart in jectors. 

Titan MonoBlock

The Titan Propac Infinity additive injector is a single point injector specifically designed to batch inject liquid chemical additive at petroleum product terminals

Titan Propac Infinity

The Titan SaftPac has a built-in calibration feature that allows the operator to calibrate the injector without having to touch the liquid additive or breathe any additive vapors.

Titan SaftPac

The Titan Blending system is the benchmark of quality and accuracy in the fuel additives industry. Highly configurable, it can be custom-tailored to the customer’s specifications, but because Titan uses industry standard parts from manufacturers like Swagelock and ASCO Valves, the unit can be built, tested and delivered quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Those same parts also make repairs in the field quick and easy, minimizing downtime. This combination of flexibility and efficiency make the Titan Blender the de facto standard for the ethanol and biodiesel blending industries.

Titan Blending Systems

Titan designs and fabricates a wide range of pump skids to fit a wide variety of applications call us today to get a system to fit your most demanding additive needs.

Titan Pump Skid

The ProPAC-3 additive injector is the world leader in providing quality and reliability for chemical injection. The ProPAC-3 is used to inject liquid chemical additives into process streams and refined products, such as gasoline, jet fuel, and dstillate fuels. Process industries utilizing the ProPAC-3 include petroleum refineries, bulk terminal operations, waste water, pulp and paper, and petrochemical.

Titan ProPac3

Titan Industries’ shop-fabricated skids are an ideal way to control quality, ensure timely delivery and minimize cost. From initial product design through onsite startup/commissioning, Titan offers the complete package.


One of the features and its components is differential pressure switch and transmitter for basket strainer.


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