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Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Company utilizes the latest technological advancements to provide Static Grounding and Static Bonding products, Portable Hazardous Location Lighting, and Static Ground Monitoring Systems that meet and exceed our customers' usages in atmospheres containing explosive gases, vapors and dust, and in which operator safety is the main consideration.

The REB2960 ground clamp is a world standard for grounding or bonding small containers, drums, totes, machinery or personnel in areas containing flammable liquids or dust.


The ALS10A is used in all aircraft fuelling or maintenance operations and complies with mil spec M83413/7-1


Our VUD100 and VUD101 aluminium plier-type clamp is designed for use on 55-gallon drums which have a larger rolled rims. The VUD100 is provided with a quick release harness

Aluminium Plier-Type Clamp

The "Mobile Hazmat Ground Kit"enables the responding Hazmat Team to have a complete easy to use safetu sure kit, to eliminate the Static Electrical danger from the accident scene

Mobile Hazmat Static Ground Kit

This clamp provides a quick and easy means of verifying proper resistances between two conductive points or objects in hazardous areas

Bond rite clamp

The Earth-RIte FIBC monitoring system is specifically designed for Type C "Super-Sacks" or "Big Bags"

Earth Rite FIBC

 Each design offers stainless steel construction with tungsten carbide contact points suitable for grounding and bonding a wide range of containers, drums, IBC's and tankers.

Stainless Steel Clamps

The coiled static grounding and bonding assemblies provide a cost effective ans easy-to-use system. 

Retract A Clamps

Retractable static grounding reels have long been used as a proper method of storing cables. The enclosed housing prevents the cable from being exposed to corrosive and harsh elements.

Retractable Static Grounding Reels

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