Whether delivering, storing, or blending gasoline, diesel, or other refined fuels, Total Control Systems is your metering partner. TCS offers refined fuel handlers piston and rotary meters. We also offer a full line of accessories to meet customer requirements. Whether you operate bulk plants, delivery vehicles, refineries, pipelines, or rail cars, TCS meters are engineered to provide you with superior performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Total Control Systems specializes in proving both reliable and innovative liquid measurement and recording equipment that is Weights and Measures approved (NIST, OIML, NMI, MID, and SABS). Today, Total Control Systems can be found supporting companies both large and small across the globe.


The TCS Hub software is designed to capture truck delivery information wirelessly to be electronically collected at locations and/or the home office.


The TCS 3000 is a powerful, electronic register designed to transform the way you deliver fuel. It has been engineered to control most vehicle delivery operations.

TCS 3000

The TCS 3000 Hub can record and print custom customer/delivery information with the built-in database.

TCS 3000 Hub

The TCS 682 reciprocating piston flow meter is a true positive displacement meter that has a unique inline design consisting of three reciprocating pistons operating within their respective measuring chambers.

682 Series

The TCS 700 Series rotary flow meter has a simple and efficient meter has a simple and efficient meter design consisting of a housing and three rotors that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber.

700 Series

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