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Throughout the world, Civacon equipment is hard at work safeguarding against costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions. Whether your need is at the terminal loading rack, or outfitting a fleet of tankers or railcars, Civacon systems set the standard for real-world performance in the most demanding petroleum, chemical, dry-bulk and industrial applications. In addition, all Civacon components conform to exceptionally high quality standards that meet and exceed ISO 9001 requirements.

While our Mechanical Overfill Protection products—from Manholes to Vapor-Recovery Adaptors, Manifolds to Pneumatic Air Controls—are the standard-setter, what further differentiates Civacon products from the

competition is the company’s ability to serve the customer. All Civacon employees benefit from a rigorous training and continuing-education program that keeps them on the cutting edge of product innovation and gives them the ability to deliver the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.


As a valued customer of Civacon, we guarantee to provide you with the highest level of quality and reliability in the Mechanical Overfill Protection products we offer the industry.

Civacon Mechanical Petroleum Tank Truck Parts

While our comprehensive product lines, innovative engineering and unmatched technical support ensure Civacon systems are effective, easy to install and simple to maintain, our greatest attribute is our peoples’ ability to serve the customer. Through our training and continued-education programs, we equip our employees with the tools, techniques and best practices needed to sustain our stringent manufacturing standards and, in turn, customer satisfaction. 


As a valued customer of Civacon, we guarantee to provide you the highest level of quality and reliability in the overfillprotection products we offer the industry.

Civacon Electronic Overfill Protection Tank - Truck Parts

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CivaStar™ Advanced Overfill Sensor

The CivaStar Advanced Overfill Sensor is the future of overfill prevention technology. With its advanced design, construction and unique LED visual verification system, CivaStar accurately and reliably detects the presence of liquids and performs real-time diagnostics – a first for the overfill sensor market.

Civacon Retain Sensor

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